Questions & Answers

If you have never paddled a kayak before, some questions may arise that you are thinking about. In order for you to enjoy your experience with us, we want you to be able to feel safe and prepared. Therefore, we have compiled answers to the most common questions.
Should you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us!

How does your concept work?

It is easy! You book the tour you want to join HERE. When you book, you will receive a confirmation of the booking. When the day comes when you go out and paddle we meet at Bauergården's car park, you will see the car.
After we have greeted and talked for a while, we hop in the car and we drive you to the place where we put in the kayaks. After a short introduction, you paddle away and find your way back to Bauergården with the help of a map you get with you. If you want to book a guide and instructor, you can do so when booking. Once in Bunn and Bauergården, you have the opportunity to swim, shower and sauna.
If it is the Morning Tour you have paddled, lunch is offered after the paddling. If you have booked the afternoon trip, the table is set from 12.30 for lunch before the paddling and if it is a full day you have booked, well then we stop at Bauergården and have lunch there or you have brought lunch by sea.

Where are you located?
We usually start from Bauergården which is located in Bunn, about 35 km outside Jönköping. Specifically between Huskvarna and Gränna

How long does a trip take?

We expect that a trip will take about 4 hours from the time we leave Bauergården's car park until you are back at Bauergården's beach again. At this time we have time to drive you out, have a short walk and paddle at a leisurely pace.

Is it hard to kayak?

It depends on how you paddle and what your ambitions are. But in general it is not particularly difficult. You may get some exercise pain in your shoulders and arms after the tour.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, you do not need to have paddled before. Our kayaks are stable and easy to paddle. If you feel unsure, there is always the opportunity to book a guide and instructor.

How do I store valuables while paddling?

You can leave some things in our bus as this is driven back to Bauergården after you have been dropped off. Things that the lame there can be replacement etc.
If you want to have a mobile phone, camera or other, a Drybag is recommended that can easily be stored inside the kayak. A waterproof mobile case is also recommended if you want the opportunity to take photos during the trip.

What should I wear when I paddle?

Wear simple and functional clothes. Preferably quick-drying trousers or shorts. Jeans are not recommended.
A t-shirt or sweater is enough for the upper body. Keep in mind that it should be quite spacious over the shoulders. If it rains, a spacious rain jacket is good, we also use a canopy in case of rain to avoid getting too wet.

Can I bring my own food instead of the packed lunch at Bauergården?

All our packages include lunch in the price, this so that you can let go of all requirements to prepare but instead just enjoy being taken care of by us.
But if you absolutely do not want the included lunch, get in touch with us and we can certainly solve it.

We would like to paddle one evening and sleep over in nature!

No problem, then you book an afternoon and a morning trip. But before you do that, get in touch with us and we will solve a package price! Why not buy Bauergården's barbecue box with a three-course dinner to take out and cook over an open fire.

Can we land anywhere along the paddle?

In Sweden, the right of public access prevails, but that does not mean that you can go ashore anywhere. Respect both residents and animals along the beach and choose your place with care.